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Collectible Hardcover Book

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You will receive one collectible, special first-edition print, gold-foiled hardcover copy of "The Little Girl, The Ocean, and The Moon" as featured in this successfully funded kickstarter campaign.

This book is dedicated to your inner child. It carries a loving message for you to remember your childhood dreams.

Why this book? This book is for you if:

...if you've ever had a dream. Of something that you wanted to do. To try. To see. To become.

...if you ever had that dream silenced or shut down. By a parent. By an authority figure. By society. By your culture's expectations. By putting the needs and dreams of others before your own.

...if you still have that dream. Even a whisper of it, somewhere inside you.

...if you know someone with a dream who may have forgotten it. And you want to help them remember.

...if you have a child in your life who you love, perhaps a daughter, son, niece, or nephew, who you want to support and champion the dreams of.

...if you are Asian or Asian-American and want to see a younger version of you represented in a children's book. I always wanted to see someone who looked like me in a children's book. I never found one, so I made one for for us. <3

...if you are moved to diversity your bookshelf and the stories and images that you share with those who you love. <3